On online dating

The Volokh Conspiracy has a post promoting online dating. The comments are probably more interesting than the post itself as numerous people have responded affirming that online dating does indeed work. I’m surprised how many people have met a signficant other via online dating sites like match.com and eharmony.com. I have always thought online dating as being semi- to full-blown weird. I’m not sure if it’s odd that I feel this way or it’s a sign that I have the vestiges of normalcy in me. My entire life these days largely revolves around virtual communication via the Master World Network. My work, my play, my nerdery all involve continual communication with people I only know by pixels and text on a computer display. So why am I so turned off by the thought of online dating? I think there are a few reasons.

First, in general I never have to meet the people I interact with online in my current day to day life. The whole point of online dating is to eventually engage in real world interaction with the other person. The end goal, I suppose, is for the online dating to be the primal cause of the most initimate of human interaction. Think big picture here, people; I’m not like that. The idea of virtual relationships being transformed to physical relationship is an idea that frightens me. I’ve interacted with enough people in the online world to know that 99% of them are completely nuts and should be left at the far end of the chain of electrons. They may be fine as I interact with them now, but they need to stay on the other side of my computer monitor. Besides, have you seen the Craigslist personals? Astonishing. Frightening.

Second, I am too young and have too much potential to resort to something I consider to be a last resort. I think most of the commentors over at Volokh assent to this. Many say that online dating is much better idea for people in their 30s who are sick of the “normal” dating scene (viz bars, clubs, bowling alleys) and do not have the time to engage in other efforts. I’m definitely not in this stage of my life. Indeed, this June I will be entering the prime years of my life. I figure I have another 5 years in which my sex appeal will be the maximization of stunning good looks, maturity, earning power, vehicular prowess, youth, and an utter lack of baggage. Ignoring women who want some old fart to spend lots of money on them, I will be an ideal guy for virtually any woman age 18 – 30. Bottomline, I don’t need no stinkin’ website to hook me up.

Third, I’m not desperate nor am I in any rush. Granted, I’m meeting zero women these days, but this is a minor annoyance and that only in my most emo of moments. If anything, it’s more fun to complain about it than it is to actually meet the women. With women come responsibility, and I have plenty of that right now, thank you very much. As I mentioned above, I’m starting the prime years of my life, and I kinda like the idea of spending a good portion of that not tied down to another person.

7 thoughts on “On online dating

  1. my mom met my stepdad through match.com, and he’s not a nut. actually, he may be kind of a nut for marrying my mom. but anyway, if i was still single i’d totally have an intarweb boyfriend. it’s no less unromantic and shallow than meeting someone at a bar or club. it’s at least a little more original. i mean, 30 years from now, do you want to say to your children that you met mrs. steverino at tiki bob’s after a few too many appletinis, or that you were first attracted by her witty IM’s?
    …okay, so they’re both sad. is there really a not-sad way to meet someone?

  2. Well, that may not be that bad. Remember that one contractor for Plant? The dude with the crazy mullet. . . he had a hottie coming over for him. . .wow!

  3. well he had no problem getting dates, thats just because he was willing to date women with four nipples and a few other extra body parts. I guess he figured a girl from chernobyl would actually be a step up.

  4. The problem with meeting someone online is that you’re spending money with no minimum success level (if it’s a paid service, not the perv-heavy free listings at OKCupid). If you go to a bar or a club and get a drink but no promising conversation from a potential partner, at least your money got you a buzz. Then again, I make much better drinks at home than I get when I go out. If you’re both using webcams, that’s a pretty good substitute!

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