Financial blessings

In my mind it is undeniably Providential that I got my job at T-Mobile when I did. Had I still been working at my former job, earning the pittance I was earning, I would be completely hosed financially now. By “completely hosed” I mean I would be deep in financial ruin. Even bankruptcy would have been an attractive option. I find it remarkable at the precise moment large, unavoidable costs come into my life is also the precise moment I started earning a paycheck that could pay those costs. If I am ever unthankful for my current job, I surely will have reached a new low of selfish ingratitude.

With that being said, I do have a small amount of frustration that even though I’m earning more than I ever had in my life, I seem to be spending nearly all of it on things I don’t want to spend it on. I can’t believe I’m still broke even though my income doubled. I remarked to a friend the other day that when I was dirt poor, it was easy to be cheap and be happy, but now that I’m actually making money it’s harder to be cheap and be happy. For once, please, just once, I’d like to treat myself and buy something completely unnecessary. I want to splurge just a little. I want to ignore, just once, financial discipline and sound advice. However, I must wait. Again. Fortunately(?), Vice always has one Virtue: patient determination. It will always be there waiting for me.

Today I found out getting truck brakes replaced is freakin’ expensive.

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