Tax rankings 2005

I hate taxes, so do you. Here’s a list of how the 50 states rank in total taxes and total tax per capita. Interestingly, Alaska (#8) has a higher tax per capita than Washington (#17), which is held solidly in the grim clutches of Democrats. There are some attractive states on the bottom half of the list (including Colorado at #47), so maybe I’ll move there.

Speaking of taxes, tax day is coming up. I have my own personal, creative accountant who knows all the loopholes doing mine this year, so I plan on scoring an absolutely massive tax return!

4 thoughts on “Tax rankings 2005

  1. Thought on Alaska’s ranking…

    The per capita tax implies that it is actually the residents paying them. Being that there is no state income or sales tax most of the tax revenues come from Tobacco tax, hotel bed tax, rental car tax, and others. So if you have no vices, and don’t stay in hotels, you’re so money!

    Also, if you take the tax net of the PFD, Alaska drops down to somewhere in the mid 30s.

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