Spring apples

Well it seems spring is in the air. Perhaps love is in the air too. Maybe. I dunno. Probably not. The weather these days is great, and I look forward to yet another splendid Seattle summer. I’m reminded on days such as these of how dreadfully dark and dreary Seattle winters are. It’s wonderful to come home from work with hours of sunshine still available. Winters in Alaska didn’t seem so bad because winters up there actually had a purpose (viz. snow and skiing). Down here winter is a pretty pointless exercise in drizzle, cold, and clouds. Anyway, one of the first things I’m going to do on the first truly gorgeous day is drive down to the waterfront after work, get a martini, and watch the sun set. I’ve been wanting to do that for over a year now. Literally.

It occurred to me last night that if the worst thing that happens in my life is my spoon falls into my clam chowder, then my life must be pretty good. Unfortunately that’s not the worst thing, but it is extremely annoying. I spent this past weekend being sick, being very tired, and fixing my desktop once again. I thought for sure this time it had reached the very end of its long life. But, yet again, I was able to coax it back to life and function properly at my behest. My guess is that I was stressing out my power supply, so during strenuous tasks the hard drives would fail to get enough power, glitch out, and then get corrupted. I did read other Mac users’s reports that were very similar to mine, but they attributed the issue to failing hard drives. I’m going shut my eyes and ignore that possibility.

Things are on the up and up it seems.

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