Rockin’ the free world

The demons living in my computers have pulled off a real coup. Somehow they managed to screw up my connection to World of Warcraft and only my connection to World of Warcraft. If anybody has any idea how I can break their little blockade, I’m all ears/eyes. Anyway, since that’s going on, I’m watching a movie that got on my Netflix queue and I honestly have no recollection putting it on there. So, I’m watching a movie that looks like it’s going to be some chick flick . . . and there are no chicks around.

. . . oh wait, this is definitely not going to be a chick flick . . .

On Sunday I found out about a large tour coming through town literally an hour before it started, so I went. I knew the show was going to totally rock because there was some dude face down on the sidwalk outside the doors with 3 or 4 cops around him and tazer wires coming out of him. Apparently, it was not a good night for him, and I resolved to make sure that I had a better night. I saw a bunch of bands, but I’ll just highlight the important ones and keep it short. As I Lay Dying was the first band I saw and it was good. As I Lay Daying are masters of the metalcore genre, and their live performance drew three black lines under the “metal” in metalcore. There’s nothing quite like dudes in black chugging out big riffs while in the guitar power stance and headbanging in synchrony with big hair flailing. It was pretty killer. Story of the Year played too. Yawn. Thrice played, and they were quite good. Their live and studio sounds are quite similar, and they were backed by an impressive set of lights. The headlining band was the Deftones who are okay I guess, but about halfway through their set it all sounded the same to me and I swear they played the same song twice.

4 thoughts on “Rockin’ the free world

  1. As I Lay Dying and Zao in the same week?? That’s pretty cool. Maybe you should see this as a sign that you should let you WOW connection stay broken. You might discover something like the sun, or this other gender of our species.

  2. You lie! You were on wow last night and the night before! You just want all your non-geek friends to think you don’t play it anymore. LOSER!

  3. the unfortunate thing about the deftones is that chino is a drunk and not the most reliable of lead singers. they used to be stellar live but have gone sadly downhill. also the last album was awful. oh well…

    what was the movie? tell!!

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