Zao ’06 and more

The past few days I’ve spent probably close to 90% of my waking hours out of the apartment. I’ve been doing more important things with my life besides being a lump at home. Aside from work, I’ve been spending considerable time getting cultured. I’ve been to two rock shows, one play, and a couple of social occasions. The first rock show was a Zao show. Even after all these years, even after seeing them more times than I can remember, Zao still is a real hoot to see live. I thought I was too old to for the pit, but there’s something about Zao that sucks me in and brings out a side of me very few people have seen (and I’d like to keep it that way). My right shoulder is still jacked up by something that happened that night, but at least I didn’t get a nose bleed uncorked like some poor kid at the show. Blood was all over the sink in the bathroom. My only frustration with Zao shows is that I get so excited and caught up in the energy of the pit that I almost always forget most of the words to most of the songs. This only seems to happen with Zao, and it’s really annoying.

I also saw a small play called Beau Jest in which my friend Nic starred. It was a romantic comedy that involved a fake boyfriend who’s supposed to be Jewish but really isn’t, a stressed out Jewish daughter trying to impress her parents who are bent on preserving the Jewish bloodline, and the ensuing familial chaos that goes along with love, relationships, deceit, and male escorts. I’m not sure what it is about romantic comedies, but I find them very entertaining. I get into them, which seems very odd to me.

4 thoughts on “Zao ’06 and more

  1. Zao used to be one of my favorite bands, and to this day Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest is on my desert island cd list. I’ve grown weary of them over the past few years, and if you want your Zao to keep a special place in your heart DO NOT see The Lesser Lights of Heaven DVD. It sadly portrays them as a bunch of whiney-image conscious scene-sters. (At least that’s what I thought of it.)

  2. Too late. I already own it and saw it. I didn’t think it was too bad. I was just surprised by the relationship Jesse Smith had with the rest of the band.

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