V for Vendetta

I really wish I didn’t get these dry spells. It seems every so often my creative spirit shrivels up, rendering me incapable of generating any creative output. These past couple of weeks I’ve felt my mind was not operating at it’s usual 110%. My brain feels muddled, my thoughts do not have their customary clarity, and forget about any real writing. Though, right now, I’m going to try to kick myself out of this little funk. There are too many things that cannot be ignored.

I saw V for Vendetta last night. I’ve spent some time mulling over how exactly I should write a review for this movie, and only one sentence kept springing to mind. This review will have to remain short lest I get worked into a fury again. I spilt too much bile last night, probably to my friends’s embarrassment. I’ve chosen my words, and I realize the import of these words. Sometimes we need to call a spade a spade. Sometimes punches really shouldn’t be pulled and all the batteries of a verbal broadside should be brought to bear. Such a time is now: V for Vendetta is a steaming pile of cinematic shit. I abhorred this movie like no other movie in my life. This is the only movie I walked out on. I was physically sick to my stomach and tembling with rage as I waited for my friends to finish watching the film. The movie is a disgusting vision of the future. It’s perversion and paranoia is only matched by it’s lack of perspective. If one were to take my moral compass and switch the N with the S, then my moral compass would match the movie’s moral compass. My only comfort that as long as these fools rely on comic book stories to push their shit, there’s not much to worry about.

What I’ve said should be considered in light of how I react to things and what my nature is. First, I’m a guy who focuses on ideas. If a movie seriously tries to pitch an idea, I will focus on that to a degree that I will ignore all other attributes of the film. Second, I have a character flaw in that my temper has a flash fuse when it comes to certain things, and this movie happened to ignite that fuse during the climax. Third and finally, 9/11 is still very fresh in my mind, and I think I was affected by it more strongly than most. The climax of V for Vendetta is a terrorist event that drew too close a parallel to 9/11. I found it abhorrent and beyond the pale.

The only point at which I agreed with the movie was when the hero reminded the heroine, “People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.” So, for roughly 5 seconds, it was a movie after my own heart.

I’m not sure if I should say that this movie should be watched. A shrewd man will know both his beliefs and his adversary’s beliefs, and sometimes the contours of one’s own beliefs are brought into high relief after being exposed to adversarial beliefs. Indeed, we should not walk through this world with blinders or with eyes squinted shut. Even with that said, I can’t bring myself to recommend this movie for such philosophically pragmatic reasons.

6 thoughts on “V for Vendetta

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  2. Wow, this is a surprisingly visceral reaction to what I figured everyone knew would be a weakly drawn lefty paranoiac’s wet dream. Still, I can understand your reaction. Having not seen it, but knowing the source (the graphic novel is actually a really great piece of work) and its political proclivities (it was written during Thatcher’s tenure, and Alan Moore is a typical lefty), it sounds like the filmmakers made a mistake by amping up their 2006 worldview on what was more apropos and interesting back in the eighties. They would have created something more interesting and relevant had they left the source material alone.

  3. I was lukewarm about the first third of the movie, decided to abandon comparing the film to reality and then I LOVED the rest. There were so many GREAT themes in the movie that weren’t “leftist” and if they were only “left”, then good for the “left.”

    Come on, Steve! Natalie Portman with her hair cut off! A fun scene with knives vs. machine guns! Parliament being blown up with great music in the background! What’s not to love?!?!?!

    Simmer down, there.

  4. i think getting people to walk out was pretty much what the wachowski’s were aiming for. i personally loved it, and i love the graphic novel too. i kinda wish the movie had been longer, they didn’t delve into a lot of stuff. i have only 2 complaints: it lacked the vision and energy that i would have expected, which is what made the first matrix movie so fun. secondly, natalie portman isn’t really that great except when playing The Cutest Indie Rock Girl In the World. whenever she tries to play that down she winds up acting very stiff, like in star wars *shudder*

  5. I’m surprised you even went to see it Steve.

    I had seen a lot of reviews that said the movie was bound to push a lot of buttons.

    I haven’t seen it yet, but I still want to. From all of the reviews, summaries, and spoilers I’ve read it sounds like the movie pretty much fails to make a real statement. Rather, it rakes up a lot of the frustrations that liberal-types have and tries to make a point, and kind of fails at it. I believe Alan Moore didn’t even want his name attached to the movie.

    But it’s not the kind of movie I’ll be seeing because the Wachowski brothers are really brilliant philosophizers. I want to see it because they make cool action scenes, and most people who’ve seen it who I’ve talked to told me that it’s pretty good from an action standpoint.

  6. Really? I remember there being only one action sequence that was noteworthy. Overall, I thought the movie was pretty boring as far as action/thrills go.

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