Down with Comcast

May I have some more, please? Competition works, and it works very well. Anything that forces Comcast to actually compete would be great. I also like the bill that McCain is pushing. My usual skepticalness of Big Brother involvement and McCain-endorsed bills is superseded by my strong desires for an opportunity to select my own channels to watch instead of buying a package that only has 3 worthwhile channels out of 75.

4 thoughts on “Down with Comcast

  1. I’m all for cable competition as well. As it stands now the difference between DirecTV, Dish, and Comcast is pretty negligible.

    I don’t think that the a la carte thing is going to fly for a long time. The whole loss-leader mentality of television is too ingrained, and an a la carte system just wouldn’t be profitable. When TV programming starts adopting lower budget, creative programming, instead of wasting millions of dollars every week on stuff like “Joey” and “According to Jim,” a la carte could be profitable.

  2. True Matt, however I disagree. If people choose less channels they are less likely to flip between all the rest of the chanels when commercials air. That being said the price of how much a commercial cost to air on any specific channel (in the capitalist since of it, the most popular) shall increase the price due to demand of airing said commercials on said channels. Now a smart Protestant would thereby lower prices to intice people to get more channels (in the ‘i want it’ category). Hence increasing his profits. You might say “well what about those less watched”, well they will be dumpped like Steve’s last fling…or what have you. Thereby eliminating the weak…God bless Darwinianism. Therefore in the long run profits will find a way to be retained.
    The funny thing here is that the media companies are too stupid to realize that they shouldn’t fight it…as it ensenses people with the notion that the system wasn’t to much on the up and up from the beginning.
    In closing, you should all realize that as far as I go, this is as preachy as I get; the reason being as I have been deligated with the duty of watching the TELCOM industry for all sorts of fun reasons…I should I add i was told they were fun reasons:crap:

  3. Y’all should keep an eye on / make public comment on the rapidly approaching finalization of the renegotiation of Comcast’s franchise agreement with Seattle.

  4. I do, I keep tabs on the cities that do the franchising of cable companies and with counties for the unincorporated areas on the east side. the situations oozes with suspect intentions don’t it?

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