The cold and hard cash

My paycheck was direct deposited 4 days early. Imagine the feeling you would get if you shook out all the pennies in your cyber piggy bank and discover somehow, mysteriously, all the pennies had lots of babies! There’s not really a better way to start your Saturday than with the sky full of sunshine, a belly full of cream of wheat, a heart full of cheer, and a bank account full of cash. Yes, I do think 2006 is going to suck leagues less than 2005.

So, it’s cold these days. Cold enough that I really wish I knew where my thermostat was so I could turn up the heat a smidge. And I’m not kidding about that. I do not know where my thermostat is. I can finally afford to be a little less miserly with the heat, but I lack the one gadget that’s fundamentally necessary to get the job done. So, I have to wrap myself in clothes and blankets to stay warm. Not that I care that much, it’s just annoying because all the blankets and clothes really restrict my movement. Good thing I have a microwave so I can make piping hot tea at the press of a few buttons.

Yesterday, I found out yet another one of my friends got engaged a couple of weeks ago. That’s 2 more friends down in 1 week. One more, and I swear I’ll scream.

8 thoughts on “The cold and hard cash

  1. Yup! I met her when I went down there at the end of October. She seems pretty darn cool, and more importantly she has lots of hot friends. :up::up: :up::up:

  2. Alex and I had dinner with her down in So Cal. She’s really swell. She’s premed. Rob is marrying well.

    You just found out about this? I’ve known since ’04!! Geez!

  3. Well, Steve. Who woulda thunk. You and I really may have to duke it out to be the last unmarried person from Alaska. 🙂 How is this possible when we’re only 24??????

  4. Everybody else is weak and dependent. We are strong and independent. They are slaves to their passions. We rule our passions. They let their decisions be controlled by the baser animal desires. We live in the rareified world of the platonic life. They are willing to co-mingle with the inferior. We only suffer our “peers.” They can’t abide the solitary life. We do not need nor care for the company of others. I could go on, but I’m sure you get the point.

    Oh wait one more point:

    Somehow they got lucky, and we . . . we got seriously unlucky.

    But are you really that unlucky, Kyle?

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