Et tu buddy?

I found out earlier today yet another one of my friends bites the dust this March. Yes, he will face that most fateful of fates: marriage. That makes 3 weddings between March and August. This is really starting to get ridiculous. I have only a handful of friends in the broadest cast of my friends network who aren’t married, engaged, or seriously dating.

Will I be the last man standing? Heck yes, because that’s how I roll.

7 thoughts on “Et tu buddy?

  1. I will be very upset if I’m the last guy in my group of friends to get married. Everyone will be setting me up with their similarly unmarried female friends as I approach and pass the mid-30s mark. Get married ASAP, Steve, and we’ll go bowling every week and drink cask-aged porters to relive our glory college days.

  2. Jeremiah doesn’t know jack. Marry a girl with a sweet job. Then you’ll be set.

    Or get a good job and marry a hot girl. Then you’ll spend your life worrying about her and your blood pressure.

    Or do both.

  3. Don’t pity Steve, the ladies love him! He’s just always been way too picky (except for that one time… well okay, those two times)

    If he lowered his standards a little and got a rockin tattoo… he’d be unstoppable!!!

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