10 thoughts on “Super Bowl Xtra Lame

  1. Most Rigged Game Ever. Those old-fart refs identify with Pittsburgh because it’s a one-trick pony town that’s heaving its dying industrial gasps as New Economy cities like Seattle obliterate it on the world stage. Bunch of blue collar cheap beer slobs bitching about how the government isn’t taxing foreign steel enough for them to keep their anachronistic jobs.

  2. Ah, the whining has begun. I’m glad to see you and Piper are showing some class. šŸ™„ I’ll have my thoughts up on my blog tomorrow after I get home from work.

  3. Seattle won in my opinion. Tht was so lame how the Seattle receiver (Jackson?) touched that one guy in the inzone and therefore the touchdown didn’t count. And then it was extremely, super, mega lame when that Pittsburg moron slid the ball over the line into the inzone and for some unknown reason ($$$) the refs decided that should count. Seattle won that game, the refs just decided to be dicks, or paid-off dicks.

    However, Seattle did play a pretty crappy game overall. The quarterback kept throwing the ball too far out-of-bounds and there was nothing the receiver could do to keep from going out. And then the QB threw a couple that looked like they weren’t aimed at anyone in particular, just hucked madly downfield. That, and a couple of people tripped over their own feet when they could have easily broken away and made a run for the touchdown.

    I don’t claim to be the world’s biggest football expert, but there was alot about that game that pissed me off.

    Pittsburg, despite the fact that they should not have won, did play a pretty good game overall. They snagged a couple of beautiful interceptions, did alot of excellent defensive playing, and had one really solid touchdown (where the dude set that record). They deserve to be proud of themselves, but do not deserve the win.

  4. Oh yeah, again about Seattle playing poorly, the kicker that missed all those field goals, he should be severely beaten for his gross failure.

  5. Bob,

    Pittsburgh played well, but you have to admit it was awfully suspicious that nearly every time Seattle had a break away play a flag got thrown and it was about some close call against Seattle. And then the refs blatantly ignored some holds even though they happened right in front of them. It was almost like clockwork. If there was a close call, it went against Seattle, and on all sorts of critical plays.

    I’m usually the last one to be paranoid and suspect crap like this going down, but even my antennaes are buzzing with incredulity.

  6. Though I hate to admit it, as I am a lifetime Seahawks fan, they didn’t deserve to win this game because nobody stepped up. Seattle fans can whine and bitch all they want, but at the end of the day the team never stepped up. If Jackson hadn’t given the unnecessary stiff arm to the Pittsburg D-Back, though I admit it was a pretty soft penalty, it would have made a 4 point swing in the ball game… If they had overturned the Roethlesburger touchdown (which I believe did get in the endzone) they would have probably scored on the next play.

    I can appreciate that Seattle fans feel screwed, but in big games there are going to be close calls. Unfortunately they went against Seattle. Do you all really think there was a conspiracy against the Seahawks?

    My suggestions for next year… Jeremy Stevens: JUST SHUT UP and STOP DROPPING PASSES!!! Matt Hasselback: If you want to be a great QB then you gotta STEP UP in big games. Walter Jones: Just keep doin’ your thang’! Paul Allen: Resign Sean Alexander OR spend that same $$$ getting those teeth fixed. Seattle Fans: Sh*t happens, so don’t be sore losers! Acknowledge that Pitt had a great post-season, and move on to something else (Mariner’s Pitchers & Catchers report in 9 days 9 hours and 32 minutes as of this moment)…

    If Seattle can bring back it’s nucleus next year (and a healthy Ken Hamlin) they should be right back in the mix. So chalk this up to some post season experience and get back on the bandwagon next year…

  7. Iā€™m not even really much of a football fan, and I thought that the skewed refereeing was very apparent. It looks like now the Seahawks have something in common with Dino Rossi!

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