Some Muslims take cartoons very very seriously

I haven’t said anything about the recent controversy about the Danish cartoonists’s portrayals of Mohammed. Frankly, it’s almost too bizarre to believe. The cartoons are so tame; the reaction is so over-board. Pictures are worth a 1000 words, so here’s 2:

Maybe in about 300 years this part of the Muslim community will be where the Christian community is at in Western culture: numbness to the near constant mockery and disrespect of their religious beliefs in popular culture. For example, the Kanye West portrayal of Jesus on the cover of Rolling Stone is hardly shocking and even boring. I think Instapundit had it right when he commented that if Kanye West really had some balls he would have dressed up as Mohammed. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem prudent to wait for these backwards Muslims to play catch up with the liberal (in the classic sense) West since these people want to kill Europeans now. This does put the occasional Christian protest against shows like the Tellytubbies and obvious Christian-baiting sitcoms into perspective. Oh wait, no, right-wing fundamentalists are still the gravest threat to our liberties evar.

Heck, we Ford drivers don’t get all worked up over stuff like this:

(via Instapundit who has a good roundup)

And here’s another:

(via Anthony, who can’t not break a blog)

7 thoughts on “Some Muslims take cartoons very very seriously

  1. btw, the kanye photo has already been denounced by the vatican and being denounced by the vatican is SO COOL. i seriously aspire to it.

    besides, the intent of the photos wasn’t to shock and anger christians. it was intended to be a metaphor for kanye’s huge ego, and because more than once in the press (and in his music) he has compared himself to jesus. on the inside he is depicted as muhammed ali, again another metaphor for his arrogance. and anyway you’re right, that image isn’t even shocking. i actually kinda liked it, except upon close inspection Jesus has a very immaculately trimmed goatee. 😉 also he himself is a christian. it’s not like marilyn manson dressing up like mary magdalene.

    but i can’t think of a reason of depicting the prophet Mohammend as a terrorist as anything other than designed to offend. muslims take HUGE issue with pictorial depictions of their saints, period, so to first of all depict a saint, and then to portray that saint as evil… it’s just in incredibly poor taste and doesn’t do ANYTHING to help the dialouge. it’s like publishing cartoons that depict jews as bankers with big noses. it belongs in hate pamphlets.

    also most prominent imams (in England, Liberia, etc) have denounced the violence. it’s like how peace protestors always have wackos show up at their protests. muslims just need better spin control 😉

  2. i’d also like to point out that all the above pictures contain protest signs written with the same handwriting and the same black sharpie. so that’s just one group. take a pic of a bunch of pro-lifer’s outside a courthouse and you are going to get some crazy stuff (i.e. STFU ABORTION NOOBS), but that’s not a sampling of the views of the group as a whole.

    ok i’m sorry i’ll stop now 😉


    Seriously, those people must have the tiniest wankers known to man! So much to compensate for!


    I guess I’m in for a beheading now. Bummer dudes.

  4. 😐
    it’s obivious of the hues of some musilims seriously angury with the so called mockery of prophet mohammend. the holy bible depicts that out of the fullnest of the heart the mouth speakest. therefore they make war out of the fullnest of war in their heart. is claer that every musilim has a certain iota of violence in them. i plead jesus’ mercy on them to be delivered AMEN.

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