Firefox has been updated to Yes, a ridiculously small point release, but thou shalt surely have it anyway. Here are the major changes:

* Improved stability.
* Improved support for Mac OS X.
* International Domain Name support for Iceland (.is) is now enabled.
* Fixes for several memory leaks.
* Several security enhancements.

Good thing for OS X users. I hope those memory leaks will fix my problem of Firefox being a complete drag to use by the end of my work day (I use it constantly at work). 8 hours of non-stop use pretty much cripples it until I relaunch the app.

One thought on “Firefox

  1. I finally got around to updating from 1.0 to 1.5. It’s screaming wicked fast! Now, I just have to update it on my ibook. Yet, for some reason, I have a harder time updating things in OSX…silliness, I know.

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