I can’t believe I’m saying this

I need a TV.

And to make this weirder, I don’t even have an overbearing girlfriend who is forcing me to get one. I have been known to grow weak and fall for evil temptations when a girl is involved. What guy hasn’t?

Anyway, I had some buds (no, not the kind you drink) over last night, and I think they can all attest to the fact that it’s lame crowding around my 17″ computer monitor in order to watch a movie or something. Since I live alone and have no significant other to make demands of me, my apartment is a prime location for guys to get together. However, without a TV there really is nothing to do at my place besides talk about old times and look at walls. Don’t get me wrong, my walls are pretty interesting and talking about old times is fun, but after we’ve told each story a dozen times, it’d be nice to flip on the telly.

I figure in about 2 months or so I’ll be able to afford a larger purchase, and I was thinking about getting this as a new computer display. It can take TV input, but now I’m wondering if I should just spring for a regular TV. Either that or I need to arrange my apartment in such a way that that could pull double duty as a computer monitor and a TV. Something to be thinking about.

4 thoughts on “I can’t believe I’m saying this

  1. In the mean time, I have a small telly you can borrow. You have to manually change the volume and channels though. The only thing I have used it for was to play one SNES game.

  2. I have that dell display here at work. It’s sweet! — and it does picture-ina-picture… but i don’t know how much you’re gonna wanna share the display with the tv signal. — i’d spring for a cheap tv AND the monitor. 😀

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