The Beast from the East

That’s Russia’s first World Boxing Association heavy weight champion, Nikolay Valuev. He stands at 7 feet and is 323 pounds. Unsurprisingly, his record is 43 – 0 with 31 TKOs. Can you even imagine going against that guy? Heck, his back hair could probably beat me up.

Here’s some other heavy weight stats so you can get a feel for the ginormousness of this guy:

Muhammed Ali: 6′ 3″, 210 lbs
George Foreman: 6′ 3″, 217.5 lbs
Lennox Lewis: 6′ 5″, 245 lbs
Mike Tyson: 5′ 10″, 218 lbs
Evander Holyfield: 6′ 2″, 242 lbs
Nikolay Valuev: 7′, 323 lbs

Valuev’s reach is also longer than every one of those guys’s — over a foot longer than Tyson’s!

(via Drudge)

13 thoughts on “The Beast from the East

  1. you know, now that i think about it, we may have stumbled upon the perfect graphic to go on Olivia’s bachelorette party t-shirts. we’ll superimpose her’s and Fluger’s faces over Gigantor and little dude, and the caption will be “So This is Love”

  2. Oh, and I’d like my bachelor party shirts to be a little more interesting, something we’d all wear again on a regular basis, maybe a cool graphic or something, I don’t know.

  3. Here’s an idea Fluger…how about something that says Flut Snore (or Barlaft) no more as we pass from the 3rd age of man into the great unknow that is FLULIVA. Shit, I don’t know; maybe Soini can come up with a nice little graphic.

  4. Better Yet,
    Fluger’s nite of Cold 1’s with a picture of strong bad. Since he wants something he can wear again and a blow up from the cover of “The Fluger” on the front of a T-shirt is rather…well like its getting a round house kick by Chuck Norris; and then its done.

  5. What Fluger is getting married! Sheesh you guys never call me, who cares about the person in Oregon. He is not my friend, who is this Alan, lets not even send him invitations or even let him know. La la la la la guilt trip guilt trip guilt trip. See you guys in hell! 👿

    P.S. Please bring some water with you its hot in hell.

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