Google sells out for money

Shocking, I know. It’s really lame to see such a cool company like Google, who’s motto is “Do no evil,” sell out to the commies for money.

Online search engine leader Google Inc. has agreed to censor its results in China, adhering to the country’s free-speech restrictions in return for better access in the Internet’s fastest growing market.

. . .

Because of government barriers set up to suppress information, Google’s China users previously have been blocked from using the search engine or encountered lengthy delays in response time.

The service troubles have frustrated many Chinese users, hobbling Google’s efforts to expand its market share in a country that expected to emerge as an Internet gold mine over the next decade.

China already has more than 100 million Web surfers and the audience is expected to swell substantially _ an alluring prospect for Google as it tries to boost its already rapidly rising profits.

. . .

To obtain the Chinese license, Google agreed to omit Web content that the country’s government finds objectionable. Google will base its censorship decisons on guidance provided by Chinese government officials.

Although China has loosened some of its controls in recent years, some topics, such as Taiwan’s independence and 1989’s Tiananmen Square massacre, remain forbidden subjects.

Google officials characterized the censorship concessions in China as an excruciating decision for a company that adopted “don’t be evil” as a motto. But management believes it’s a worthwhile sacrifice.

“We firmly believe, with our culture of innovation, Google can make meaningful and positive contributions to the already impressive pace of development in China,” said Andrew McLaughlin, Google’s senior policy counsel.

To be fair, MSN has already capitulated to commie demands, but I expect that from the likes of Microsoft, which is practically evil embodied in a corporate form. However, I thought Google, which wants to paint itself as a pure benevolent giant, would have higher standards than this. But here’s the real pay off:

Google is cooperating with China’s government at the same time it is battling the U.S. government over a subpoena seeking a breakdown of one week’s worth of search requests _ a list that would cover millions of terms.

Good job, Google, you two faced losers. I can’t imagine how a subpoena for one week’s worth of search requests is worse than censoring the entire internet for a government that actively crushes dissent, religion, and free expression.

5 thoughts on “Google sells out for money

  1. They knew they’d take crap, but at least they’re explaining themselves, even if you find it hypocritical. I imagine they had a very heated internal debate, and the enter-China advocates narrowly won. We’ll see how it shakes out. It should be noted that Google already complies with some censorship laws, like not displaying Nazi sites in Germany.

  2. Sadly, by default, Google gave up “don’t be evil” when it went public. It’s first responsibility is to its shareholders, and with its wildly inflated price, they have to create more shareholder value…hence selling out to the China regime.

  3. Steve, don’t put down communism just because the Chinese have screwed it up. Don’t you think that Private ownership and success is overrated anyway? In a classless society run by me, the world would be a better place. Plus if you support my reign of a communistic society I’ll be King and you can be my Queen.

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