Mickey buys Nemo

Disney is buying Pixar for $7.4 billion. I thought the only good way for this deal to go down would be if Pixar would maintain a lot of creative independence, and it seems like it will since several of its key executives will be handling most of Disney’s animation division. Jobs takes yet another step up in the world . . .

Of course, this will have little bearing on Pixar’s film this year, Cars, but it will be interesting to see if this starts a downward turn for Pixar’s films. Honestly, Cars hasn’t gotten me that excited yet, so maybe this is the beginning of the end for Pixar already!

3 thoughts on “Mickey buys Nemo

  1. Actually I think this might have been a good move for Disney. Pixar will essentially become Disney’s new animation division.

    In other words, Pixar isn’t being rolled into the existing animation division. The animation division is becoming *part* of Pixar. SO hopefully Disney films will finally get better.

    Lasseter is also taking over as head of the Imagineering department, which oversees the theme parks.

    And Jobs… well… Jobs just made a nice chunk of change didn’t he? Oh and hopefully he’ll find his way onto Disney’s board…

  2. Yeah, it’s undeniably a good move on Disney’s part. I just hope it doesn’t drag Pixar down into the mediocre mud that Disney’s animation has become.

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