Thrice: Vheissu

Any, and I do mean any, hard rockin’ band that dares to put a spiritual’s call-and-response section on an album is cool in my book. They should be cool in your book too. That’s why everybody who likes hard rockin’ bands should buy Thrice’s latest album, Vheissu. I’d say it’s one of the cooler albums I’ve bought in a while. Also, it’s great to find out after I bought it that a portion of the sales goes to benefit good organizations (for the record, I’ve bought one album that after I saw what the band supported, I refused to listen to the album and I wish I could have returned it). It’s so relieving to buy an album that supports the advancement of writing rather than the advancement of PETA. And then on their site they also link to the Invisible Children site. I had the opportunity to see that film (trailer here) at SPU a few months back, and it’s a heart breaking story about the current situation in Northern Uganda. To be honest, I’ve felt some pangs of guilt because I never blogged about the movie. It really needs to be promoted, and people do need to be made aware that thousands of children in Northern Uganda are being kidnapped into a slave army. This is the type of social activism I can get behind, and I wish more people would.

Writing about the album may seem utterly trivial now, but I think the album has a lot to offer the listener. Thrice didn’t change their sound too much from their previous album, The Artist in the Ambulance, though it may have gotten a little softer. It still definitely has some rock out moments, but they are a bit fewer and farther between than Artist. The lyrics are positive and consistently offer hope, which is welcome change from the normally depressing lyrics of other bands in the genre. Many of the songs express a yearning for something better, completeness, or a higher truth. The whole feel of the lyrics is undeniably spiritual. For example, they basically quote a famous passage from the Good Book in “Of Dust and Nations”:

so put your faith in more than steel
don’t store your treasures up, with moth and rust
where thieves break in and steal
pull the fangs from out your heel
we live in but a shadow of the real

And in the “Image of the Invisible” also hints at some deeper truths:

we all were lost now we are found
no one can stop us or slow us down
we are all named and we are all known
we know that we’ll never walk alone

we’re more than static and dial tone
we’re emblematic of the unknown
raise up the banner, bend back your bows
remove the cancer, take back your souls
we are the image of the invisible

though all the world may hate us, we are named
though shadow overtake us, we are known

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this satisified with an album purchase. I hope some of you can share in my satisfaction.

3 thoughts on “Thrice: Vheissu

  1. Sorry to burst your bubble, but these lyrics you’ve excerpted sound like pretty standard Christian rock cliches. Nothing to get excited about, so much as make me roll my eyes. Surely there’s a new, unorthodox way to state timeless biblical truths?

  2. Thrice isn’t a “Christian” band, that’s why they’re noteworthy. If you don’t like these “cliches” then don’t buy it. Frankly, I don’t think they are cliched at all. Surely, basically quoting the Bible isn’t cliche is it? And how else to communicate a truth than to just say the truth?

    I’ve listened to a lot of Christian rock, I’d guess probably more than you have, and I would not put Thrice in the same category as them. Besides, they’re better sounding that most Christian bands out there anyway.

  3. Now debating wether Thrice COULD be christian is pretty debatable..YET very possible. The progression of the lyrics from identity crisis to even before that to now is pretty much INSANE. insane as in the deep lyrics that not only come from the imagination but from the ever true Holy Bible. But do you really think that he would quote verses from the Bible and in that context if he wasnt…possibly…but why would they? bash? are simply aknowledging the fact that there is some higher force in play. They are aknowledging the fact that there is something greater in this world. you can all disagree with me or agree all you want but my feet stand firm at the opinion of they are christian. My feeling is that they have just been, and are finding out the joy of being. They are just beginning to wet their feet and are loving every second of it.


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