Go Hawks

Yeah, so I’ve been a loyal Hawk fan since like forever. I’m just so glad that my boys finally make it to the Big Game like they so richly deserve. However, I am sick of all those people who get into football just when the local team is doing good. Dude, that’s so weak. Fan for life or no fan at all. That’s how it should be.

8 thoughts on “Go Hawks

  1. ok this is off topic (but it may also make your day even more fun). look what i saw on craigslist today!!

    steve b – w4m

    Reply to: pers-127379826@craigslist.org
    Date: 2006-01-21, 7:48PM PST

    every time you are near i have trouble concentrating, you distract me.those eyes burn right through me!
    i should not be having the thought i am..what can i do?

    then someone else responded with:

    re: ………steve b
    Reply to: pers-127636118@craigslist.org
    Date: 2006-01-22, 9:30PM PST

    ummm… okay but the steve b that I know would post a missed connection to himself just for kicks.


  2. No Johnny-come-lately I! I gave up on the Seahawks a couple decades ago and changed my allegiance to… the Steelers! No switching back now for me. Naturally, I will pause during my celebration after the Super Bowl and spare a thought or two of pity for my friends who have not yet fully grasped the futility of remaining loyal to the choking dogs known as the Seahawks.

  3. Ahhhh, but in the words of my mock trial students who were chastising the fairweather bandwagon fans…who is your favorite player other than matt hasselback or shaun alexander? Prove your loyalty!

    I wonder if they make a Winstrom jersey in my size…

  4. That’s a trick question, Kyle! A true fan has no “favorite player.” There’s no I in team and all that. Good thing I’m clever and have been a hardcore fan since, like, forever.

  5. HA! Nice try.

    You’re going to have to do more to convince me that you really are the 12th man. I have my doubts. Did you, like me, watch every single game this season, including keeping the play by play on my laptop during Monday Night Football while I was sitting in class? I was sooooo the coolest kid in class. 😛

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