Flippin’ Sweet

“I’m very pleased to tell you our future is flippin’ sweet.” – Alaska Governor Frank Murkowski

Hear it here (428 KB mp3) about 10 seconds in.
(thanks to Mr. Andy Compton via IM)

UPDATE: Andy gives an update. Those Republicans are so hip!

4 thoughts on “Flippin’ Sweet

  1. He needs to clear out some oil reserves so he can make room for his nunchucks in his locker. Then he’s going hunting for Wolverines with his uncle Ted.

  2. UPDATE: The day after the State of the State the Gov made another speach: The State of the Budget. He and his entire staff wore buttons that said “Flippin’ Sweet”.

    In response, Legislative Aides for Democratic Senators and Representatives have been seen wearing buttons that say “Freakin’ Crazy!”

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