More tube, less. . .

I find it to be a markedly unattractive quality in a woman if she is addicted to the TV. But, it’s often tough to address this concern since I’m “addicted” to the computar and the Completely Online International Tangle of United Servers. Now, I know where to really draw the line. Look, babe, I can leave my computer on the desk over there, you can leave the flippin’ boob tube over there too.

Of course, while I’m a bachelor I can use my laptop to watch DVDs in bed as much as I darn well please.

And where do I sign up to be a sexologist?

2 thoughts on “More tube, less. . .

  1. hmmm, 8 times a month seems low to me…i mean, there are 30 days in a month, why waste the opportunity? 😉

    also that acronym made me giggle :mrgreen:

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