8 thoughts on “Trendy and spendy

  1. šŸ˜Ž Fashion Hint for the Successful: When running around in your new snazzy looking blazer, don’t have your boxers showing over the top of your pants. šŸ˜‰

  2. Why does a good blazer have to cost so much?

    Because you’re shopping at Nordstrom. Duh.

    Rack is a good place to look. Also try Macy’s.

  3. sorry to hijack this thread, but since it doesn’t quite seem of paramount importance, I’ll use it to piggyback a request. Steev, do you still have (or have ever had copies of) the James Bond theme party we had at Joacob Berg’s house? I’d sure love to get my hands on those old pics. Or do you have Berg’s email address, maybe I can ask him personally. Thanks

  4. Micah, I think I have a couple, but if I don’t I’m pretty sure I can get Berg’s email addy for you. If I find them I’ll email them to you. :up:

  5. steve, don’t listen to your dad! blazer + boxers showing over pants is the mark of the modern office professional. it says “i am so busy being successful i don’t have time to pull up my pants” :up:

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