Intel inside now

Apple announced today new Intel-based laptops and iMacs. The laptop is interesting because it seems to occupy some middle ground between the iBook (consumer product) and the Powerbook (pro product). It’s a very robust laptop with excellent graphics, advanced architecture (dual core chips!), fast processors, and a high resolution screen. It seems geared for professionals, but Apple is only pitching it with their consumer-level software products: iLife, Front Row, and iWorks. I’m assuming this is because none of their pro apps are ready for primetime on the x86 systems. I’m guessing they will be ready to go by Macworld Boston in the summer. For my purposes, I think the MacBook Pro would suit me just fine, but I’m waiting for the new desktops before I purchase my next machine. At least now, we will get a hint of what it will be like for developers to get their apps up and running on the new machines. It will be interesting to be sure. My only complaint with this new laptop is the name. It’s horribly uncreative and lame. Lame!

The new iLife suite looks really cool too. I may have to purchase that soon.

I really wish I could have made it to MWSF this year like I did last year. Alas, money issues (like having no money) and my new job got in the way (if only I could have started a week later!). Perhaps next year. . .

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