Entering the rat race

I’m pretty darn sure I’m going to like my new job. And since it pays more than enough, I’ll do my best to stick around. I have two problems right now. The first is working out how best to get to and from work during adverse traffic conditions. I like driving, but not when traffic is obnoxiously bad. Today was a good example of such conditions. Normally, it takes not much more than 5 minutes to get to I-5 from my apartment. This morning it took over 30 minutes. I know how to avoid this next time, but I still have a lot to learn about traffic patterns. My second problem will be easier to overcome: my dire lack of business casual clothes. I need to be able to do at least 5 different get ups each week, and I’m going to be stretching my current wardrobe thin in order to do this. To solve this problem I just need to go shopping, which can be quite fun depending on who I’m with. I think I’m going to like finally being able to purchase some clothes I normally couldn’t afford. Conveniently, a fashion blog — gasp! — has made it into my daily reading. [Ed.: Steve? Fashion?]

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