The Chronicles of Narnia

TCoN:TL, tW, & tW is a pretty decent movie. Twenty-something males are probably not the target audience for this film, so I think it’s understandable that I wasn’t completely agog over the film. Though I have several minor complaints, I was happy that the allegorical meaning of the story was not gutted by pagan Hollywood elites. Indeed, there were sometimes I thought, “Wow, I can’t believe they actually left that in.” For this reason alone, I think the movie is worth seeing. For a much better and indepth review, check out the Fringe review. Now onto my complaints.

*** Spoiler warning!***

Probably my biggest complaint is that it seems a lot of the emotional ties sprung up out of nothing. I’ll give two examples. When Aslan dies the two Pevensie girls are just all torn up about it, weeping long and sleeping on a lion corpse (weird!). But what a minute, why are they so attached to Aslan? They just met him. Sure, after some secret meeting he saved their bratty brother, but I find it hard to believe that that instantly forges such deep bonds of love. Gratuity, sure. Deep love, no. Even more perplexing is the children’s immediate devotion to their chosen faction. The three non-bratty kids perplexing decide to risk their lives for a bunch of creatures they never met in a strange fantasy world into which they just walked. They do mention something about doing it for Mr. Tumnus, but that’s hardly believable. Even more amazing, the bratty boy, Edmund, turns traitor on his siblings for turkish delight! What the heck is turkish delight?! Maybe the character motivations make sense to other people, but certainly not to me. I’m sure the motivations were fleshed out much more in the book, but I read that so long ago I can’t remember for sure.

Another complaint is that the film uses far too much green screening, and sometimes it’s both obvious and unnecessary. The best example is when a couple of the kids are riding on unicornback next to a river, and it’s apparent the river is CGI. Could the filmmakers not find a decent, real river? By and large the CGI is very well done and quite creative, but there were times I was definitely pulled out of the story because it just looked fakey.

My final complaint is Peter Pevensie. I didn’t like the actor, I didn’t like his character, and I really didn’t like the way he swung a sword. Least convincing battle commander EVAR. If he was my commander in battle, I’d be extremely worried. At the end he gets the title of Peter the Magnificent. I think I laughed at that point. Then I was deeply annoyed.

Pros: Mostly well done CGI, good story, the White Witch.
Cons: What’s their motivation?, Peter doesn’t die, Peter isn’t dubbed Peter the Pathetic

One thought on “The Chronicles of Narnia

  1. as a huge huge fan of the books (read them more times than i can count, most recently last year) i can clear some stuff up for you:

    turkish delight is a (nasty, nasty, gross) british dessert that’s like jelly and nuts and powdered sugar in cube form. in the book, they explain that the turkish delight and the drink are enchanted and cast a spell on Edmund. why they didn’t include this in the movie is just lazy storytelling, which was my biggest problem with the movie. the bbc version may have had crap special effects, but at least they took time to explain crucial plot points!

    i too was endlessly irritated by peter. not only did he look like a WB casting couch wannabe, but his character in the books is of little consequence. so why make him the focus of the movie when Lucy and Edmund are clearly the ones that drive the plot forward?

    in the book less than a paragraph is devoted to the actual battle. the thing that Lewis does so well is show you that the children are utterly in awe of Aslan and Narnia, and so will do anything they can to save it, and this to me is believable. but for some reason the movie couldn’t express that. i still enjoyed it, but i can see how someone who isn’t a fan would be thrown by that. it’s just more proof that books are always better than movies, although i LOVED the witch! 😉

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