Back from AK

I used to like flying. But that’s when I was a couple of feet shorter than my current height of six foot perfect. Now, flying is a pain, literally. It seems every time I take a flight a new part of me gets all achey. Flying back from Alaska last night, my tooshie, of all things, is what began to ache. Flying up to Alaska my lower back was in pain. And I do remember one flight that pained my upper back so bad that I had a constant ache for months. Not cool. At any rate, pain lets us know we’re alive, and I’m glad to be alive even if I’m in pain.

Just so this post isn’t a complete waste here are some pics of my favorite time in winter Alaska, the one hour bit of sun we get at the house:

<img src="; title="Hi"

I think these came out slightly better than the ones I took last year.

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