I go up, another goes down

Last work day of ’05. Fantastic!

I’m flying up to Alaska tonight, but I suspect posting will continue as normal tomorrow. Big Hawks game tomorrow. Hopefully I can watch it at my parent’s place. Maybe I could liveblog it. Wouldn’t that be fun? No, not really.

Today, I got word that yet another one of my friends has volunteered to subject himself to the rigors of marriage. Congratulations Fluger and Olivia!

10 thoughts on “I go up, another goes down

  1. love the title of this post. hey i couldn’t find your reservation, so no upgrades for you. 😦 are you sure you’re flying alaska?

  2. MWAHAHAHAHHA! I rule you! I’m trying to post a link to some photos I shared out online, but I gave up, I e-mailed them to Steve though.

  3. Leigh, yeah, I actually flew on United. :doh:

    Dude, can you believe they wanted to charge me for a “snack pack”? The only other food they offered was this stupid little bag of peanuts or something. I told my brother to eat it, which he did.

  4. d’oh! well next time fly alaska, i’ll hook you up. and shame on united for starving you, when you are clearly in need of nourishment 😡

  5. Fluger, thanks for linking me the pics, and I updated the post a bit. Are you going to tell us how you popped the question? Or should we not ask . . . If you did something cool, I want to hear it. I’m stock piling ideas just in case.:up::up:

  6. Well, it wasn’t that creative. I was going to take Liv up to the lake on Orcas Island and propose on this one nifty cliff that’s just my favorite place. But I couldn’t ffind any good place to put the box while we would be heading up and I was just sick of waiting, so I popped the question in her house while we were getting ready to go. Also, the link didn’t work well, I’ll email you the pictures so you can FTP ’em.

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