Papa Christmas

That’s Pope Benedict XVI. I know, I know, you all thought it was Freddy Krueger in a santa hat. Well, you thought wrong. Seriously, though, is it possible for the media to take an even more unflattering picture? I think not! Here’s a bit of triva: that hat he’s wearing is a traditional hat going back to the twelfth century! Wow!

3 thoughts on “Papa Christmas

  1. See, I bet Clinton thought that was a pretty flattering shot. I’d bet my complete Rambo, Terminator, and Shaft collections that Benedict wouldn’t find his shot flattering.

  2. oh please, i don’t care how holy you are, when you’re an old german dude there is no such thing as a flattering camera angle. it’s a little better when he doesn’t smile. dude has a CREEPY smile 😯

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