For more daze!

This post is really just so I could use that really clever title. Four more days for more daze.

I’m not sure I’ve ever felt so detached from the onset of Christmas, but I guess that’s what happens when you’re a bachelor living alone. Dudes don’t care too much for holidays (unless we get to blow stuff up or have an excuse to throw back some beers), so it’s up to the women to get us into the holiday swing of things. Seeing as I don’t have that thorn in my side –thankfully!(?)–, the only other needle that can inject some Holiday High into my system is the contaminated hypodermic of Pop Culture with the plunger of the Boob Tube. I have no Boob Tube, and my only exposure to Pop Culture is really an exposure to Nerd Culture via the mighty Intarwebtron. And believe me, trust me, take my word for it, Nerd Culture may possibly be a step below Pop Culture for in it nothing is sacred, language is pwn3d by l33t w0rdz, and sentient beings are connected only by the thin tendrils of electrons. But I digress. I’m not so sure I’ve ever felt so detached from the onset of Christmas, but I guess that’s not an altogether bad thing. I think it reduces my stress, my sense of aloneness, and the hankering to spend money I may or may not have. You know what I do miss though? I miss going on road trips with my buddies like I did last year.

I fear that I’m becoming a little bit dramatic and over-wrought in my posts of late. I blame boredom, excessive creativity, pent up passion, and Penny Arcade.

One thought on “For more daze!

  1. This is actually the first year in probably ten years that I’ve been truly excited about Christmas. I have no idea what made it click this year. Usually, I’m just depressed as all get out. This year, I’ve just been Christmas-y through the roof! Anyways, I know how you feel.

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