A Die Hard Christmas fan

Today, we get a new poll: best Christmas movie EVAR (pronounced EV-ARRRR)!

It’s a binary choice, but you’ll like it and be filled with holiday cheer.

6 thoughts on “A Die Hard Christmas fan

  1. every guy i’ve ever ever known, regardless of age/subculture/sexual preference, LOVES those movies. that and the first few lethal weapon movies. i don’t get it. what am i missing?

    and the best one is the puppet Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer with the emo little elf. i love that elf. he hates making toys and just wants to be a dentist. that movie is deep! it’s all about following your bliss regardless of how weird you are 😀

  2. Leigh, the first two words you use are ‘every guy’ and then you ask what YOU are missing…:doh:
    And that little emo elf, he’s gay.

  3. Best Christmas Movie EVAR: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Methane explosions, animal electrocutions, whitetrash with no trailer-park on the front lawn, BEVERLY D’ANGELO, Drunk Randy Quaid, dead inlaws, and a happy ending. Much better than anything at an airport or in a skyscraper. And much funnier too. Yippee Ki-ay Mr. Falcon!

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