Sweater Puppies!

I knew that would get your attention.

There are lots of euphemisms [are they really euphemisms? – ed.] for those strangely appealing curves women have on their upper bodies. Ask any dude, and he should be able to rattle off a list of about 20 different euphemisms without pausing. One of those might be the title of this post. The whole point of this is that I saw sweater puppies today. Well, I saw one . . . and it was very furry.

So, that brings me to fashion. What’s the deal with small dogs being the latest trendy fashion accessory? And what’s the deal with carrying a small dog in one’s clothes? I guess it all started with Paris Hilton carrying her dumb little mutt in her purse, and that naturally progressed from there. My next question is how did such a flash-in-the-pan sack of bones become such an influence on fashion? There’s an imponderable for you. But all is not lost in the fashion world. With the cold weather comes new clothes, new fashions, and less skin. At least those appalling gaucho pants are neatly folded away for a few months, and perhaps come spring they will be out of fashion. Another positive development has been the explosion of cool t-shirts. I’m sure most of you have noticed this. T-shirts started getting cool around the time I discovered Value Village, and I don’t think this is a coincidence. I got my favorite t-shirt from there, but unfortunately I can’t bring myself to wear it very often any more. Kitschy cool and nifty t-shirts have now successfully transitioned from the thift stores to high-end brands and boutiques. I like this, but I don’t like the jump in prices. I got my Trust Me t-shirt for $3, now the t-shirts I want are $25 and it still sells out. But there are always more cool t-shirts to be found. Especially ones like this.

And, that brings me to Christmas, the spirit of giving, and my Amazon wish list. Oh, and if anybody buys me that coat I mentioned yesterday, I will throw the paint I stole from Micah at you. Thank you and good night.

UPDATE: And another sweet t-shirt. Haduken!

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