Godzilla is still cooler

Jeremiah over at Fringeblog has his King Kong review posted. I’ll admit I’ve been waiting for this review for a while (and the Narnia one), so I’m glad he finally posted it. He was lucky enough to see it like two weeks ago because he’s good at being at the right place at the right time. He gives the movie 3.5 martinis out of 5, which is a bit lower than what I was expecting. At least King Kong does one thing right: the sfx. Jeremiah extols them:

One thing Jackson and his crew know how to do best is instilling a kind of gentle humanity into their primo effects work. Even Gollum had his moments of honesty, where keyframed expressions went beyond simple computer artwork, transcending the effects and amplifying the special. Here Kong is a wonder and a leap of evolution (excuse the pun) in the further blurring of the line between special effects and acting.

However, he finds the movie greatly lacking in story and character development:

That said, it is a shame the film lacks other particular qualities that would have truly made it great. What it excels at in production design and special effects, it lacks in a good story. Its characters are even worse. The lack of three dimensional characters in this otherwise convincing world make following the underwhelming story a chore. More than once I found myself questioning motives, uncertain as to the reasons why a character did such and such. When it came to the story, I found there was only a shell, like a hardened candy coated exterior. This shell serves the bare minimum needs of a plot; its only major requirement seems to have been to support the onscreen entanglements of an expressive CG monkey, his prehistoric playmates, and a little lady named Ann Darrow.

I’ll still see King Kong, but, since Jeremiah is often right about these sort of things, my expectations are going to be a bit lower than what they were before. Hopefully, I’ll be able to see it sometime soon, and have my own review posted in a timely fashion. I’ve also be warned by my mother that I will be seeing the “beautiful” Narnia and Pride and Prejudice (Fringe gave it 3 of 5 martinis) with the fam over Christmas, so hopefully I’ll whip out some reviews of those too.

5 thoughts on “Godzilla is still cooler

  1. Screw Jeremiah! King Kong was awesome! I don’t care what you think about the somewhat 2 dimensional characters, they were fun and the movie was fun! And seriously, if you want to see just complete pwnage of a T Rex or pretty much anything for that matter, you gotta check it out. By far, the most fun I’ve had at a movie in a long time. And remember, I’m the person that HATES movies that don’t make sense and has to chime in on every plot hole…

  2. ok, steve, GO SEE Pride & Prejudice. it was awesome, and i know you’ll love it. the direction especially was really interesting. oh and also if you want to get all the girls, BUY A FROCK COAT. seriously. and practice your smoldering gaze. chicks dig a guy who can glower. :up:

  3. Dang, how’d I miss the sweet link lovin’?

    I’ve been thinking more about Kong, and one thing that my review didn’t mention, but now I’m more certain than ever–Jackson could learn use some restraint on the editing side of things. Not just for length–but in terms of cutting scenes that simply don’t belong. Editing might have saved this movie from being a plotless wonder.

    Anyway, thanks for the link. Also, Narnia review’s up.

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