Gimme a Red Bull

I apologize for the lack of posts. My life has been a bit different lately, and I blame the cold weather. See, this cold weather has me drained of energy since I’m outside working in it 5 days a week, and my lack of an insulating layer of fat makes it tough for my body to keep my core temps up. That’s my theory anyway. Also, not only have I been tired a lot lately but also I’ve been rather distracted with a variety of things (and not the usual suspect). I have lots of stuff I wanted to write about, lots of articles flagged, lots of pages saved, but I just either haven’t had the energy, time, or the motivation necessary to git ‘r done. Oh yeah, and that podcast is still coming . . .my lame excuse is that I ran into an unforeseen technical difficulty and I’ve been taking my sweet time getting around the problem. My final goal is to have it done before I go home for Christmas, which I think is very doable.

Life otherwise is going fine. I’ve had a few bumps lately, but nothing major. I guess it just gives a little texture to my life that is all too boringly smooth as glass.

3 thoughts on “Gimme a Red Bull

  1. 😛 We are looking forward to providing you with a few speed bumps in the “road of life” when you get up to AK.
    See ya soon, Popsi and Momsi

  2. we’ve missed you in WoW land! ben’s new alt is nearing 50, and we want to drag you along to tank some instances!

    and no i’m not a nerd. stop looking at me like that…

  3. /me gives you energy.

    Steve! Mooose! Don’t worry, the winter is draining me too 😀 I am still getting over a head cold. yay!

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