Great Experiences

Yesterday I was thinking about what are some of the greatest experiences in which a person can participate. By greatest experience I mean a situation that is exhilarating, inspiring, uncommon, and/or in some other way fantastic. Perhaps this is rather vague, but I think my examples will be helpful. So far I’ve only come up with two:

1. A football player who makes a break deep in his own territory, sprinting with the ball towards the end zone with nothing but God and grass before him and tens of thousands of cheering fans all around him.

2. Taking that first step on the moon.

Actually, I can think of a third, but it is so common place and obvious that I don’t think I need to mention it. Hopefully, I’ll have more examples later . . . there’s gotta be more great experiences out there than just these two. Can anybody else think of similar “Great Experiences”? Let’s skip the vaguer ones like “winning the championship” or “witnessing the birth of your first child.” More appropriate examples might be something like “beating Battle Toads without ever dying” or “being kissed by Grace Kelly like how she kissed Cary Grant in To Catch a Thief.”

Here are some more:

3. Being in a rock band and playing to packed out arena. Heck, I’d even do a hair metal band for this.

6 thoughts on “Great Experiences

  1. No 360 slam dunk after a steal on the other side of the court? Without football or baseball teams, that’s all Oregonians have ever had. And sorry, I’d rather kiss Mandy Moore.

  2. first off: mandy moore? really?
    secondly: how are sports moments great? most of them are forgotten within days, except maybe by the player, who once he retires is reduced to bragging about this forgotten exploit to his family, who are just going to smile and nod while slowly backing away. but the guy who walks on the moon, that’s still a big deal 50 years later.
    thirdly: what was the 3rd unmentionable thing? you say it’s obvious, but humor me, because i’m dumb :mrgreen:

    i think the greatest experience would be to write the Great American Novel. i guess that’s not really a ‘moment’ like the stuff you described though. maybe…winning a pulitzer for the Great American Novel? meh, i suck at this 🙄

  3. Hum. Yeah, Grace Kelly was way hotter than Mandy Moore will ever be. And I’ve run a kick-off back for a touchdown going nearly the length of the field, albeit on a smaller stage, and that is a great feeling. You don’t have to have other people remember it for you yourself to remember it fondly.

    Personally, I’ve always thought it would be great to fly a jet at really high speed very close to the ground. Just like they do in the movies, man.

  4. Don’t be so shallow. Sometimes the smallest things are the greatest things. One day, I hope you experience it. It will happen when the little one next to you, your child or grandchild, reaches out to take your hand. Their little fingers clutch one of your’ fingers. And they clutch it in such a way as to say, ‘I trust you. I put myself in your care’. Words aren’t needed. They probably couldn’t be expressed anyway. And when you look down into their eyes, you unconsciously change your demeanor. You become the protector, the teacher, the healer, the one who now has charge of a treasure. And, somehow, you stand taller, prouder and invincible.

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