I wanna be like George

For all those who are deeply interested in my choice of facial hair style, I’m sticking with The Clooney. Dudes and dudettes, I like it. I have trouble staying away from mirrors when I have it.

Thanks for everybody’s comments and interest. I’m humbled — and stubbled!

7 thoughts on “I wanna be like George

  1. šŸ˜• How to you shave, or not shave to keep the proper length stubble on a daily basis? Do you cut each individual whisker to the perfect length? Are there special blades that only cut some of the whisker? ?????????????????

  2. As I read the suggestions being made, I noticed a trend. Those who were married or significantly involved (or both with different women) were suggesting you make an ass of yourself with the Magnum. My suggestion is to listen to the ladies. The Cloony is their first choice, and therefore what will most likely attract the members of the opposite sex. If you are wanting to attract men… then perhaps the magnum might be the best approach.

    Let me suggest a few alternatives…

    The Uneven Too Long Mustache (aka “The Dahmer”)

    The Bushy Clooney w/ Crazy Hair (aka “The Manson”)

    The Clinton… The George Clinton

    Just a few thoughts… If it were me I’d go for the…

    ZZ Top

  3. The Clooney is a good look. I’ve never met you, but if you’re anything close to Clooney-esque, you’ll probably end up with thousands of women fawning over you.

    Good luck.

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