Hair of the Face

Currently, my facial hair, which I consider a vital aspect of my masculinity, is in a state of fashion limbo. I’ve taken off my goatee and am considering what should be the next style I go for. Here’s what I’m looking at:

  • Old Reliable: Just grow my goatee back and call it good. To heck with change and what not.
  • The Clooney: My temporary solution, which consists of stubble just like George Clooney. This is a compromise style for it allows me to have some facial hair while not committing to anything long-term and bushy.
  • Full Beard: A full beard. I can’t grow a good full beard, but this is still an option . . . if I’m bold . . .and daring.
  • The Van Dyke: This would consist of a mustache connected to Old Reliable via hair on the sides of my mouth. It might be neat to try this, but I’ve heard various disparaging comments about this style that I don’t like.
  • The Tom Selleck: A big bushy mustache. I’d call it “Magnum.”
  • Baby Face: Just go clean shaven. Booooring!

Vote on my new poll. Do it.

UPDATE: Re-named the Full Goatee to the appropriate name: The Van Dyke (Thanks, Micah and Chris!).

Also, I’m a little distressed that most votes so far are for The Tom Selleck. Dude, you people don’t want to see Magnum. Seriously.

13 thoughts on “Hair of the Face

  1. As long as you are single, I think The Clooney is THE most attractive option on pretty much any decent looking guy. When you become unsingle – The Clooney is still hot, but uncomfortable for the person who has made you unsingle.

    I love Tom Selleck. If you go the Tom Selleck route, I don’t think I’ll be able to talk to you anymore ;). I think Tom Selleck is the only one that can pull of The Magnum PI.

  2. Isn’t the “full goatee” really called a “Van Dyke” or something of that sort? My vote is for a cross between a Clooney and a “Soul Patch.”

  3. the tom selleck mustache is only hot on tom selleck. on anyone else it’s creepy. . . actually, it’s creepy on tom selleck too. nevermind. DON’T. i would go for the half clooney/half the way it is: the goatee with occasional stubble, that way when you clean up the stubble for special occasions it’s a much more visible effort. ben does that, it’s hot. i am of the firm opinion that anything other than a simple goatee either looks homeless and scary or fred durst-y. why i have put any thought into this at all kind of frightens me, but see, this is why you should stay in seattle, because i will refuse to ponder your facial hair if you move out of state. 😯

  4. Heed not those who would sabatoge your potential to attract a mate, dear Steve-o. 😉 Take it from this redblooded american woman – the clooney is HOT. I try and get Chadd to do The Clooney, but he likes to be cleanshaven.

    Is Leigh a gal? If so, see, she agrees with me and has good taste in goatee selections!

  5. 😀 really go radical dude. off with the goatee. off with the ‘stach. off with the clooney stubble. then shave your head. totally hairless! (don’t tell mom I said this)

  6. Full Beard! DO IT! Or at least compromise and do the amish/lephracaun/Abe Lincoln thing I got goin’ on. Try it, you’ll like it.

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