Nanny Statism wins out

The smoking ban in public places passes in Washington. Grand. Just what we need, the state holding our hands through life making sure we’re safeguarded from every little thing that might make us sick. The smoking ban is “one of the nation’s strictest”:

It bans smoking in buildings and vehicles open to the public and in places of employment, including within 25 feet of doorways, windows and ventilation openings. Violators can be fined $100 for each infraction.

So much for cigars at McCormick’s. I guess this is just another good reason to get out of Seattle. Hey, and it’s a good thing the ban got passed even though the market was making the adjustment anyway:

And some 80 percent of businesses that belong to the Washington Restaurant Association already are smoke-free — an increase from 45 percent just six years ago.

Man, it’s a good thing we got the State. Bring on prohibition!

5 thoughts on “Nanny Statism wins out

  1. The situation is pretty funny, considering most of the people who voted for the ban wont be in a bar smoke or not. Still, I’m going to be happy not coming home smelling like smoke on Thursday nights…

  2. I don’t know if you’d call it “Nanny Statism” when the general public in all of Washington approved it by a healthy margin. If this went through the house/senate then that term would be more applicable. 😉

  3. This is a perfect example of something that should have gone through the legislature. While I agree with the initiative in spirit, it was packed with details. Voters had to go all or nothing. I think the “strict” part comes from the 25 feet away from the building clause. Can you find a place downtown that isn’t within 25 feet of some doorway, particularly in areas like Pioneer Square?

    It’s so popular it should have been a breeze to get through the legislature without being draconian.

    I agree, though. You know I only smoke 2-3 times per year…usually for some kind of celebration nowadays. Still, I’ll miss being able to do that, but I agree with Matt. No more waking up smelling like smoke.

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