Ferret attack!

While a couple of my friends were off on vacay in Italy (jealous!), I got to ferret-sit their cute ferret, Merlin! It took me a while to get some good pics of him, but here are the best:

More after the jump!

Merlin looking guilty:

Merlin ambushing me from behind the couch:

Merlin trying his best to look cute and hungry:

Merlin exploring the underworld of a chair:

Unfortunately, I have to give Merlin back sometime next week (fat chance!). We used to have ferrets when I was younger. My first ferret, Denali, was killed by our boa one fateful Sunday morning (mere weeks after my beloved rat, Whiteout, died). Then my parents surprised me with another ferret on Christmas. I wrote about that wonderful morning here.

7 thoughts on “Ferret attack!

  1. Merlin is sort of litter box trained. We have to be vigilant about it. And thanks for the pics, steve! everyone at work is cooing at them. And yes, we WILL need him back. the kitties miss him, and have been WAY too hyper without him to chase around.

  2. spur was a cool boa. he can’t help it if some pesky critter went up to him to and gave him a sniff. it was certainly a bummer about Denali, but as I recall, it upset you more to lose Whiteout. am I remebering this correctly?

  3. I was upset over both for sure, but I do remember being more upset over Whiteout’s death. I’m surprised you remember that much. 🙂

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