Nano owners unite!

I’ve blogged about about the Nano’s susceptibility to scratches. Unfortunately for Apple, some dude had enough of it and filed a class-action suit against Apple.

Jason Tomczak has filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple Computer on behalf of all iPod nano owners, demanding that customers get their money back as well as a share of the company’s profits on the music player’s sales.”

Squirt definitely has his share of scratches, but most of them aren’t that bad. I can imagine that in a few more months it will be out of control. I do need to get a cover of some sort. That would be the prudent thing. And I’m all about prudence.

4 thoughts on “Nano owners unite!

  1. Tricia picked up that cover that I sent you the url for, it’s pretty darn cool, covers the whole thing.

    Her beagle got into her purse and used her nano as a chew toy :jawdrop: and it survived with just a couple bite marks. Probably would have been a lost cause without it.

  2. The iPod has always had a problem with scratches. I don’t see why it would be any different with the Nano, this lawsuit seems totally pointless.

  3. hello steve! have you recovered from our bitchin’ party yet?! i love how when you drink, you rant about gaucho pants. this is off topic but i do not see a pic or blog entry of Merlin on here, which is criminal. clearly his companionship means nothing to you, or you lost him the first day and are trying to find a similar replacement ferret, in hopes that we won’t notice. . . either way, he deserves his own entry and a chance at internet immortality. . .

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