So. . .posting is going to continue to remain light the rest of this week and weekend. I’ve been keeping pretty busy with work and social activities. I usually have something going on every day from Thursday to Sunday, which is nice. Also, I’m putting in long hours at work (today I put in 13 hours), so I’m pretty drained afterwards.

I’m still amazed when I meet somebody who is a perpetual jerk. I just do not understand people like that. Today, I watched my co-worker try to help this older woman who was just a witch even though he was just asking if she needed help. She was wandering around in a building looking lost. When my co-worker asked if she needed help, she ignored him until he asked a second time and then gave a really snippy response. I wanted to slap her so bad. I had never seen the woman before, so maybe she was just having a bad day, but I really doubt it after hearing some other things she said. However, there are other people with whom I come in contact fairly often who are always pissed at something. In my mind, people like that are so foreign to me. I just can’t comprehend having a disposition such as that. Shape up or ship out, people.

Anyway, see you, space cowboys. . .

One thought on “Rawr

  1. What do you do for a living these days? Maybe she was up to no good! Back in the day when I used to work retail, the people who turned into jerks when you asked them “can I help you…” were often shoplifting.

    Anyways, roll with the punches brotha-man!

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