Comments update

I’ve added a very simple feature to comments that should help me eliminate comment spam. You’ll know what to do when you see it. It is sensitive to capital letters. I’ll be adding a more clever question soon.

UPDATE: Well, that feature did exactly nothing to stem the tide of spam.

10 thoughts on “Comments update

  1. So, apparently one of two things could be happening:

    So, either the spambots are taking advantage of some flaw in WordPress or the form you use to weed them out, or they’re smart enough to answer your question.

    I think you need a question that’s a bit more vague and relates to you, one that your visitors could answer but a spam bot couldn’t get in a bajillion years.

  2. Well, changing the question seems to have done something. Now my daily comment spam levels have dropped significantly, but I’m not sure if this is the calm before the storm or what. Either way, comment spam is stupid.

  3. What was your pet rat’s name back in the home-school days? What was your invented name back when we used to play treasure-hunting games? What was the name of that goofy cartoon idiot that Drew used to draw and the language that Tom and the Olsens used to speak in? What was the name of the forest that the magical critters we used to pretend to be lived in? Wait a minute, only I would get those questions…hmm.

    Perhaps something easier. Where did Steve, Drew, and Tom go to high school? What northern state does the Barnett family come from? Something like that.

    (btw-Whiteout, John Starker, Jimmy, Blackfern, those were the good old days weren’t they?)

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