Miers and Guns

Well, this seals the deal! Randy Barnett digs up an article by Miers in which she lists the “right to bear arms” as a “precious liberty” that we won’t “sacrifice these rights because of the acts of maniacs.” Get ‘er up in there on that bench!

One thought on “Miers and Guns

  1. The guv’mint can take my AR-15 when they pry it outta my cold, dead hands! I need it to blow the hell out of moose!

    Seriously though, how antiquated is the precious “right to bear arms?” I don’t think we have to worry much about being reinvaded by mother England or keeping those rowdy Virginian militia boys from stealing our lands. I believe that people ought to be able to own guns, but it is waaaaay to easy to buy them. Just the other day I was staring at about a half dozen AK47s all lined up in a pawn shop. A couple of modifications, and those suckers could be shooting fully automatic. And do you know what I would need to purchase one right now? An ID that confirms I am over 21 years old. Sheesh.

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