Steve-date 24.3.10

It’s always nice to unexpectedly find a beer in your fridge. You see it and think, “Oo, where did you come from? How nice it is to see you! I think I’ll drink you.” Glug glug glug.

My younger brother has been moved out for about a week now, and you know what? I kinda miss him. Tom was a good roommate. He did his dishes, was respectful of my space, kept the TV quiet, didn’t snore, and didn’t make any mess greater than my own. This if the first time I’ve lived alone in Seattle, so it feels a little strange. It wasn’t so bad down in Salem because I never experienced Salem and all its suckiness with a roommate. However, I’ve never really been without a roommate in Seattle. It’s not bad, just different.

Things are going pretty well for me. Work is fine, and it’s paying the bills. I’m getting out of the apartment pretty frequently. Enough so that I’d almost say I’m a regular socialite. There’s been a lot of talk recently about getting me a girlfriend. Now, I’m not one to throw a wet blanket on the affair, but I’m skeptical about the whole thing. There are a variety of obstacles that need to be overcome, and I still need some convincing that a girlfriend would be a worthwhile addition to my otherwise neato life. One of the primary obstacles that need to be overcome is actually meeting the women. That’s pretty tough for me to arrange these days, especially times when I can be seen in a more favorable light.

3 thoughts on “Steve-date 24.3.10

  1. With that gorgeous mugshot of your tongue lolling out, how could any girl turn you down? If you want to meet girls and have them assume no ulterior motive on your part, go to a Bible study, talk a little (not too much) and wait for their inevitable curiosity to come out in the post-study socializing. (Yes, it happened tonight.)

  2. I wouldnt say you need a girlfriend Steve. But it does seem to me that you desire some sort of female companionship. I definitely dont think you should rush to find one though 🙂

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