Outta right field

So, somehow Bush’s nomination of this Miers person slipped by my ever increasingly blind eye. Or maybe I was just at work. Anyway, things don’t look so hot. She has no judicial experience and even conservative commentators are crying “Crony!” and there is a lot of negative reaction. Ramesh Ponnuru gets sarcastic:

It’s an inspiring testament to the diversity of the president’s cronies. Wearing heels is not an impediment to being a presidential crony in this administration! I can only assume that the president felt that his support was slipping in this important bloc, and he had to do something to shore it up.

Personally, I have no idea what to think about this, but a lot of pundits I respect are disappointed. Maybe the Left will just let Bush self-implode on this one. I wonder if Bush is aware that he’s already burned through most of his political capital, and this may very well burn of the very last bit he has — and he’d be spending it on his base! After the awesome selection of Roberts this is a major let down. Bush has a historic opportunity to shape the Court for decades, and this is who he picks?

Here is the WaPo’s brief bio. Judging by the picture they have of her, I’d say Roberts is much more attractive.

Here is the WSJ’s roundup of reactions. It’s pretty interesting and has some fun tidbits (e.g. Miers supported Al Gore and used to be a Democrat in the 80’s [e.d. Well, just about everybody did stupid thing in the 80’s. . . think Hammer pants, crimped hair, hair metal, glam metal, and neon colors]).

But according to this Harry Reid is all in favor of Miers:

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid was complimentary, issuing a statement that said he likes Miers and adding “the Supreme Court would benefit from the addition of a justice who has real experience as a practicing lawyer.”

At the same time, he said he looked forward to the “process which will help the American people learn more about Harriet Miers, and help the Senate determine whether she deserves a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court.”

Reid had personally recommended that Bush consider Miers for nomination, according to several sources familiar with the president’s consultations with individual senators. Of equal importance as the White House maps its confirmation campaign is that the Nevada Democrat had warned Bush that the selection of any of several other contenders could trigger a bruising partisan struggle.

Reid recommended her?! Color me clichĂ©, but the immortal words of Admiral Ackbar pop into my head: “It’s a trap!”

4 thoughts on “Outta right field

  1. She’d better be Bizarro Ginsburg or I’ll be pissed. Elderly female Republicans tend to be pro-choice (Dubya’s mom) and know nothing about the proper regulatory regime for technological advancement. Since I don’t know her ideologically leanings, I’ll second your view that she’s extremely unattractive. Dubya better have something much more impressive up his sleeve or he’ll be his dad; a worse insult I cannot think of.

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  3. Well, when I woke up this morning it occurred to me that this may not be all bad. First, Roberts was a “man of mystery,” and nobody but the Dems really had a problem with that. Now, we have a “woman of mystery.” So maybe this is our subconscious sexism coming out? Second, the fact that she’s never been a judge isn’t damning either. Rehnquist had never been a judge, and it’s not like a judges have a monopoly on sound reason, sober thought, and keen minds. Anyway, just some thoughts to maybe buck up the troops or something. . .

  4. Remember, that a lot of Dems aren’t really concerned about Roberts. Extreme lobbyists, yes. But look at the confirmation vote. It was overwhelmingly in his favor. I think most people, including myself, listened to the hearings and were pretty darn impressed with the man. I think the same will happen to this new gal.

    I don’t see what all the fuss is. Rhenquist had never been a judge, yet he became chief justice. I’ve heard a lot of sayings that many judges were lawyers who couldn’t hack it and had friends in high places…

    She’s a deal lawyer, with a great deal of experience in corporate contract negotiations. She brings a insiders view to what is actually taking place in the world, rather than an academic view. I would think that would be appreciated by many. AND, I really don’t get why so many conservatives are pissed off. She belongs to a LONG list of religious organizations. She just doesn’t appear to be a whacko.

    Honestly, I think (barring some surprise) I think these nominations are one of the few things about Bush’s terms in office that will have a lasting positive impact on the country. Considering that nominating a conservative was inevitable, I think he’s made two VERY smart selections. I have to give him props for not pandering to the will of the extreme right and creating a large political fight over the SCOTUS. The Roberts nomination went pretty darn smoothly all things considered. I think this one should, too.

    Unlike some of the other cronyism like Brownie, I have much higher hopes for this gal.

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