Gross! Gauchos!

I’ve commented on disheartening developments in women’s fashion before, and now I’m afraid I must do it again. There is a new wretchedness that has beseiged the fickle world of high fashion. The “gaucho” pants:

I’ve seen quite a few women with long, slender, attractive legs wearing these. The women would look great in pretty much any other pair of pants, but, these. . .these are revolting. Please, let it end. See more here.

5 thoughts on “Gross! Gauchos!

  1. It’s time for a centralized campaign against gaucho pants! Call the National Association of Retailers! Pass legislation outlawing ugly pants! Make Ralph Lauren praise tight-fitting pants on primetime TV!

  2. I just want to say that Gauchos are Argentinian Cowboys and they wore pants like this back in the day. Gauchos are cool, these pants on women are not. So don’t playa hate Gauchos, just their pants on women, unless the women also go about using bolas on Rheas, ’cause that’s awesome.

  3. see, this is why i never shop. and is that woman really wearing blue tights and open-toe shoes? it looks like a costume from Logan’s Run or something. . .

  4. Oh I couldn’t disagree more! I find those absolutely flattering and should work with several different body types. Also, they should be very comfortable to wear and you get to wear shorter pants that aren’t so tight they makes most women look fat.

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