How can you view photos if you have no screen?

It’s good to hear a lot of other people have the same problem. “Good” in the “I’m not alone” sense. The screen on the iPod nano is extremely susceptible to scratching, allowing it to get so scuffed up that it’s hard to read. I have a slight scuff on my screen (luckily it’s on an edge so it’s not too annoying), and I was a little perturbed by it. At the time I thought it was because I had absentmindedly stuck it in the same pocket with a bunch of other metal stuff. It’s still usable for me, but I’ll definitely have to be more careful until cases come out for it. It still is disappointing that such a marvelous little device has such a stupid flaw. Considering Apple’s experience with making iPods, how the heck did this get by the QA guys?

UPDATE: My buddy Soini sent me a link for what looks like will be a great protective cover for the nano. It’s a strong, durable, and transparent plastic film that covers the iPod. I think I’ll order one before Squirt gets too scuffed up.

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