I’m not sure about anything anymore!

Day by Day hits the nail on the head:

Cox and Forkum aren’t so nice either:

Why on earth do we have supposed conservatives and Republicans defending and expanding a bloated government?

I once heard an interesting theory explaining why we have such a phenomenon, but it didn’t apply precisely to this situation. However, the gist of it goes like this: the real goal Bush and his crew are pushing for is not an expanded government but a broken government. The idea is that by ballooning the federal government’s budget, it will push it faster towards bankruptcy and collapse, resulting in the ultimate in small government: no government. This seems outlandish to me, but it’s fun to think about, no? That’d be the ultimate Bush coup. Break the federal government, reducing the United States to a group of provinces controlled and governed by mega-corporations such as Big Oil and Halliburton!

2 thoughts on “I’m not sure about anything anymore!

  1. They were elected as MORAL conservatives…not fiscal conservatives.

    I was able to comment on KUOW’s The Conversation yestersday, and I suggested that they roll back the $60,000,000,000 in this year’s pork, including the bridge no nowhere in Alaska, instead of acting like there’s this great crisis in coming up with the first $60,000,000,000 to help rebuild after Katrina.

    But, for some reason, I don’t think Young, Stevens, and Murkowski would have the guts to do it.

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