The Complete Calvin and Hobbes

A recent edition to my lavatory library was a Calvin and Hobbes comic book. As I’ve been flipping through it, once again I am reminded just how cerebral, artistic, and altogether awesome Calvin and Hobbes was. I was very sad to see Bill Watterson to retire. My local hometown paper had a contest of alternative endings to Calvin and Hobbes. One of the entries was just a simple drawing of a stuffed tiger in a box in an attic. That one almost made me cry. However, there is some hope for the die-hard Calvin fan. Behold, The Complete Calvin and Hobbes. 1440 pages containing every bit of Calvin and Hobbes goodness. I want.

6 thoughts on “The Complete Calvin and Hobbes

  1. I want this as well, Calvin and Hobbes stands head and shoulders above any comic ever. Nothing else has been the perfect blend of satire, hilarity, beauty, tragedy, insight, and unforgettable characters. If there’s a person that can write and draw as well as Bill Watterson in a way that is poignant and side-splitting, then I hope they start making comics soon, for all our sakes.

  2. I read an article once about a reporter who tried to track down Bill Watterson in his home town to see why he stopped the strip. He never found him and the townsfolk there were really shady about where to find him… I guess Watterson likes his privacy.

  3. I also miss Gary Larson. No other comic can pack so much humor into one little box. No other comicstrip can hold a candle to either of those. Reading the funnies today is pretty depressing. Nothing seems to be anywhere near as funny. In fact, most comicstrips today downright suck!

  4. Word to the wise: “lavatory libraries” gross out girls. When I was an intern in DC the girls in my office, one just having seen a guilty-looking man leave the restroom with a paper, were talking about how gross it was to read while you’re doing that. This old Onion article is instructive too.

  5. Yeah, not only do most of today’s comics suck, a lot of them are political. Why are political cartoons in the funnies?:down:

    I don’t mind politically oriented cartoons, but, please, leave them in the freakin’ op-ed section!

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