DeLay’s recent comment concerning the fitness of the federal budget is getting slammed and scoffed at from many sides, including conservative circles. And well it should be. It’s an utterly ridiculous comment that shows either DeLay is massively stupid or he thinks the public is massively stupid. The Cato Institute has published a list of government pork totaling $62 billion that can be trimmed off and used for better things, like say Katrina relief. Also, Instapundit and The Truth Laid Bear teamed up to introduce Porkbusters, a page dedicated to eliminating governmental pork. So far it has an impressive collection of federal pork projects, valued at $1,561,254,400, that can be eliminated. Topping the list (due to alphabetical order) is the infamous “Bridge to Nowhere” that is to be built in Alaska at a cost of $315 million.

2 thoughts on “Porkbusting

  1. Here’s what you didn’t get-

    Delay’s comments were not literal.

    The goal of saying “Well, gentlemen, I guess there’s just no more pork that can be cut” is to get the opposite side of the aisle to jump up and say, “that’s not true, Delay’s a liar!” to which he can respond “well, what would you like to cut first?”

    It’s not a bad gambit, but it requires that the opposite side of the aisle be focused on a topic long enough to fire off a response with some coherency. As it is, the response seems to range from Mama Sheehan’s anti-semitic moonbatism to Bush is controls the winds that brought Katrina- Delay overestimated his opposition.

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