Making the iPod perfect

The unbelievable iPod nano was announced today. If it wasn’t at I’d say it was hoax. Mindbendingly tiny, color display, photo function, 2 or 4 GB storage (as much as my current iPod mini), and only $200 for the 2 GB and $250 for the 4 GB. Two colors too: black and white. This is easily the coolest iPod since the original. I’m just astonished. I will be buying the black model as soon as I can.

Oh yeah, and new iPod phone and iTunes 5.

3 thoughts on “Making the iPod perfect

  1. Isn’t the 20 GB iPod retailing for $200 now? Even refurbished that’s pretty good. But just like the Motorola Razr (which its sibling seems to have aped), this thing will sell because it’s sexy and has the word “iPod” in it.

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